Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fish -n-‘ships’ -By Gretta Dalzell
Fish are one of our biggest worries. Humans eat a lot of fish. Too much. Though it is important and is very good for us giving you Omega 3 and protein. There are some fish that we eat and catch that shouldn’t get eaten or caught because it’s endangered. Fish such as hoki you might see in supermarkets and possibly at your local fish market even, I can tell you one thing, it shouldn’t be there. (something mum didn’t know about that fish)
Many types of fish you might eat every once in a while could be on the verge of extinction,
Common types of fish like; squid, anchovies, Halibut, Mackerel, Flounder and sardines and other types of fish are ok to eat (as stated below in the ‘yes, maybe, no’ graph).
Mum says “Don’t just eat fish for the “Halibut” HAR HAR HAR. Think about what you are buying and if there is a recipe that calls for endangered or threatened fish try the same recipe using a safe fish.”

Here is my favourite fish dish mum makes...
Mum's Thai fish cakes
1 large microwaved or baked potato (peel off skin after cooking)
1 large poached( line caught) Albacore Tuna or poached Farmed salmon for a richer moist taste
1 cup chopped coriander
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
1 Spring onion finely chopped or shallots (if you have it you can use a tiny bit of lemongrass too)
1 Tbsp flour
Approx 2 cups Bread crumbs
Sesame seeds
3 eggs
Oil for frying
How to: mash potato with a fork. Add, tuna, chilli sauce, coriander, salt and pepper, onion & mix. (can pulse this in a food processor but i just use a fork. Set aside. Wisk eggs and in a separate bowl take a few tbsp of egg and add to tuna mix with a tbsp of flour. Mix and test by making a ball in your hand if the mix stays together you are good to go if its falling apart add a tiny bit more flour and egg. Make up cakes dip in egg then coat in bread crumbs and shallow fry in olive oil. Serve with a salad or grated carrot and drizzle with chilli sauce. Makes approx 8


  1. This is awesome! So many people really don't think about most fish sitting in fish and super markets as being endangered or close to extinction. I think you Miss Gretta have done an amazing job providing good information here and I love the fact that you have also provided options of fish that you CAN eat. Very important to provide options when limitations are put in place. And the recipe looks stellar! Well done! x Bonnie

  2. Thank you Bonnie. Before i decided to write about fish and chips i didn't know that Hoki was endangered. I love it but now i will choose a sustainable fish.

    thanks for your comment:) -Gretta