Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ki Ora! Welcome to the post of our new blog. Gretta and I are really excited to share our love for food and entertaining with you all. First I will write a little about my co host. Then She'll write a bit about me.

About Gretta by Mindy:

Gretta is 10 (soon to be 11) and has always loved nearly everything about food, in a great healthy way of course. She loves the the way things are prepared. The science behind baking and the artistry of the decorating it. Since she was a baby she has made it very clear what she enjoys and if given a tasty treat has stored it into her memory bank and normally can recall trips and holidays by what exactly was served. So funny and a bit rainman-ish LOL She is my pride and joy and dear friend.

About Mindy by Gretta:

Mindy is 36 and has always loved cooking for the family. She can cook different cuisines and appreciates the different tastes of different cuisines. She knows recipes off by heart and will recite them if asked. If I am asked to get a particular herb and I get the wrong one, she will politely correct and show me the right one and every so often give me a scent test. My favourite dish in the whole entire world she cooks is taquitos which is chicken (or beef) blended up with herbs and spices and all of this Delushusness is wrapped up in a golden corn tortilla and fried (mmm...)

(back to you Mindy)

Thanks Gretta! And for any of you who would like my recipe for taquitos here it is. (note this is my personal recipe, by all means have a go at making them from an authentic Mexican recipe. But for me this is a winner every time.

2large or 3 small chicken breast cut into med chunks (free range corn fed do make such a difference with taste and texture)

1 sml onion finely diced

olive oil two tbsp

2 tbsp of Mexican taco seasoning or alternately you can use a custom mix of cumin, paprika, coriander, chili and salt and pepper. using a pre blend saves time and money.

tbsp flour

1 lime

a handful of chopped fresh cilantro (coriander)

1 cup grated tasty cheese

1 small can of mild diced green chillies (for NZr's these are not jalapenos these are ortegas and come cannedalternately you can use diced green capsicum or you can omit)

12 corn tortillas

cook the chicken onion and spices in olive oil. do not over cook. this should still be moist and cooked through. remove from heat. Put all pan contents including cooking juices, chillies, squeeze of lime and chopped coriander with tbsp of flour and pulse in a food processor briefly. Stir every few pulses so that it all evenly incorporates. It's important NOT to make it into a baby food texture or mush you just want more of a mash and shred consistency. In a bowl mix the pulsed chicken mix with the grated cheese. Warm your corn tortillas in microwave or oven so that they roll without breaking. roughly 1 1/2 tbsp of mix per tortilla roll tightly. When all are rolled and ready heat enough oil in a fry pan 1/4 full. you don't want to deep fry these its a shallow fry we are going for. (Gretta's tip) place into oil end side down so you get a good seal and it wont unroll. fry till golden brown serve with guacamole and salad.

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